The Hom 100 course will be a 2 mile loop* around the community of (south) Freeman Farms in Gilbert, AZ. It is a combination of surface roads, canal trail and crushed-gravel urban trials.

Course route

There will be one aid station (water, ice and food) located at the corner of Freeman Farms Rd & Greenfield Rd. A Hom's Homies sign will be hanging up and you should see pop-up tents on your right as you enter the neighborhood. Signs with red arrows (and reflective tape) will be posted at each turn on the course.

Segment Surface Type Approx. Distance
Ocotillo Dr
0.45 miles
Packed dirt/gravel
0.50 miles
E Appleby
Half dirt, half road
0.48 miles
Greenfield Rd
Crushed gravel trail
0.49 miles

(*if you do the math, the loop mileage is approximately 1.9 miles 🤫)

Race headquarters and post-run pot luck will be at/near our house - 5437 S. Cardinal St. in Gilbert, AZ 85298.

Need a place to park? On-street parking will be available in the following areas. Please be mindful of our neighbors and don't park like a dork (e.g., in front of driveways, mailboxes or fire hydrants...)

Parking locations

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