We have never known life in Arizona without the Hom family. We have been eternally grateful to find neighbors like them who are genuine, honest and real (and also have kids who can babysit for us!).

Tony's Halloween costumes are always a classic.

My 3 varieties of Thanksgiving stuffing are legendary.

Draining a couple bottles of wine in their company on Friday night is not unusual.

Jodi falling asleep on New Year's eve is standard.

Needless to say, we love the Hom's very much and will do what it takes to support them, their kids and their lifestyle as it changes with time.

Samantha, (paper) Alyssa, Tony and Andrew Hom

Carly & Jodi

Davenport & Hom kids

Alyssa & Hadley

Tony, (paper) Alyssa and Jodi Hom

Tony and I with our tricked-out sleds

Tony and Samatha pre-mine excursion

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