Friday, May 24, 2013


To those of you who will be joining me for the Hom 100, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sweaty hugs will be handed out tomorrow :)

Below is a map of our neighborhood that highlights a couple key logistical items. Let's review:

  1. Start: We'll be starting in front of the Hom house. Find mine and you're a stone's throw away...
  2. Parking: Please park in the designated zones (red lines). Overflow parking is on the south side of Ocotillo near the Fulton Home models (by the porta-potty)
  3. Aid station: Look for the Hom 100 sign and head down the trail to the pop-up tent. We'll have ice, water, some aid station-like food, gels, chews, sodas, etc.
  4. Porta-potty: There is one porta-potty located near the Fulton Home models on the south side of Ocotillo Rd. This is the ONLY option so plan accordingly.
  5. My house: 5437 S Cardinal St. My wife (Carly) will be home throughout the day and can assist with most things.

Other common sense things include:
  • Call 911 for any emergencies.
  • Respect the trail and anything else in Freeman Farms community.
  • Help yourself at the aid station.  Everything should be labeled.
  • Don't litter. The last thing I want to do is run/walk another 2 miles to pick up your trash...
  • Keep the noise down, especially at night. We are in a residential setting...
My cell will be close all day so text me if anything comes up 206-384-3564

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