Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 plans

It's hard to imagine topping the fundraising year we had in 2014 but I'm confident that you're going to be around to help me try.

I was hopeful to kick things off in May with the Hom 100 but unfortunately, it turns out that too much running is actually not such a good thing :) I've been off my feet now for 3 months dealing with tendonitis and a tear in my peroneal tendon. Not running. Very sad.

Of course it had to get be-dazzled

This set back likely means we'll move the date for the Hom 100 back into May sometime (yes, groan...I know it will be hot) to ensure I have enough time to train properly. Besides, moving it to May will ensure you've recovered from the holidays and gotten your federal refund back from Uncle Sam...which means more money you can donate in memory of Tony.

I'll be posting another 'save-the-date' for May here shortly but until then, stay warm and be safe out there...

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