Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little help from my friends

I'm excited to announce that Fulton Homes has decided to help sponsor the Hom100!

When we first moved here, we didn't know Fulton from any other builder, but our agent assured us they were one of the best in the Phoenix are. We fell in love with our floor plan, the location and outstanding amenities that were offered throughout the community.

Let's face it - had we moved anywhere else, we would have never met Tony, Jodi and their 3 wonderful kids.

Six years later, we've weathered the real estate storm and have watched Fulton continue to invest in our community and the completion of the Freeman Farms subdivision.
I'm extremely thankful to Fulton for their participation in the Hom100 and their support of the ALS Association of Arizona. Check out Fulton's blog post about the run here.

There is also one invariable truth about (ultra)runners too. We may be crazy, but we're one big crazy family. Below are several folks that make up my Arizona ultra-running family and have committed to donating their time, energy and leg-power to come out and participate in the Hom100. These are folks who don't know even know Tony Hom and yet are willing to go the distance to fight this horrible disease and show their support for the entire Hom family.

I realize there will be other neighbors and friends that will join us and I want to acknowledge them too. We couldn't do it without you.

Jon Nelson
Greg Grady
Marc Thomson
Steve Ochoa

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