Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Squad Goals

This year's Hom 100 is going to be a bit different. Being injured means I'll have to rely on my crew to help me bank the normal 62 miles. Everyone is encouraged to put together a team - friends, family or coworkers will work just fine. Team up and put in some miles. What ever each person does gets added up so that your cumulative total is compared to every other team participating.

For example:

Team member 1 does 20 miles
Team member 2 does 3 miles
Team member 3 does 12 miles
Team total = 35 miles

So rally your squad and get ready to put in some miles. Remember, we don't care if you're running, walking, riding or crab-crawling so long as you're not on a motorized or electric vehicle (e.g., must be human-powered).

Comment below if you know who's on your squad. Don't forget a cool team name either!!

Prizes will be given out for:

  1. Most miles
  2. Fewest miles
  3. Best costumes
  4. Best team name
  5. Largest team

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